Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Christmas Time Is Here!

Once again many months have passed and I have been a no show here in blogland!  Well, I had good intentions, but, well...life got in the way.  However, I do have some great stuff to show!!!  No stitching, but, some fabulous framing!

First up...drumroll please....ta da!!!!!

Holiday Express by Stardust
Framed by:  Rensel Studios

Here is a close up of the corner detail.  

I can't tell you how pleased I am with this and how fabulous it looks on the wall!  I absolutely love it!

Also, got this back as well:

Letter "A" by Passione Ricamo

I wish I had more to show, but, am still working on a few ornaments.  Hope to post them before Christmas.  

Until then...enjoy the season!


The Queen Bee said...

Wow! That looks amazing. It was you who inspired me to dig in and finish my own Holiday Express so I am glad to see your finish...and what a finish it is. Congratulations.


Michelle L writes said...

Wow! That is really beautiful work. I love monochromatic pieces.

Andrea said...

Wow! Amazing framing for your beautiful work.