Friday, May 09, 2008

Bride's Tree SAL Set #2

Well, I must say I have been enjoying my time off from work, but I had to go back today. Bah Humbug! I can't really say I accomplished any stitching while I was off, was nice to just relax. Hopefully my schedule will be much more relaxed for the rest of the year and I will only have to work 2 weeks a month like I was originally hired to do. Hopefully that will also mean I can get more stitching done the rest of the year, like my train! :-)

Here are the two finishes I promised to post of my second set of Bride's Tree ornaments I am making for my nephew's wedding next year. I still haven't quite finished the third one yet.

For January:

Title: Home for Christmas (only part of design) by Brightneedle - in the JCS magazine ornament issue 2005 (I stitched the tree differently than how they had it in the pattern.)
Fabric: 28 ct. ivory linen
Threads used: Sampler, WDW & DMC

For February:

Title: Couer (only part of design) freebie
Fabric: 28 ct. Opalescent
Thread used: Warratah by Dinky Dyes

I missed last week's stitching group question of the week, but this week's is:

How did you choose your blog name? Is there a special reason behind it?

Well...It's obviously a play on words with my name. Plus, I live in the land of sunshine, so it all fits in together.


Anonymous said...

They are both great finishes. Congratulations on them. Happy Mother's Day!

Sharon said...

Hi Jinger, they are both lovely finishes. I really like the home ornament.

Sachiko said...

Both lovely finish!
It's so nice!I could understand your blog name!