Sunday, January 27, 2008


I finally managed to pack away all the Christmas decorations and put out my "strictly winter" stuff. Here is my foyer all decked out for wintertime.

The designs are:

on by me called "Ahh...friends"

on Rabbit with a snowman (no real title) It is from an old Gloria & Pat leaflet I have had for years

on right...bottom...Snowfence by Raise the Roof

I haven't done a ton of stitching lately due to being busy with work and spending my time once home packing up everything. I have actually stitched a pretty fair amount on my train project, but nothing to really show. It is all still backstitching right now. Don't you hate working for hours and hours, days and days and it looks like you have gone nowhere? Well, that is what that project is feeling like right now. Hopefully I can move beyond this point soon.

Bride's Tree SAL...I have worked a little on my project for this month, but not finished yet. I guess I am close to 1/2 done. Since it is a gift for my husband next Christmas I can't work on it when he is here, so...needless to say it is taking longer than anticipated. Not to mention that working over 1 always takes longer than "normal" cross-stitch. :-)

Hope to have a train update picture posted soon. Happy stitching, everyone!


Jennifer said...

I stitched a piece in secret for my husband last year, so I know how tough it can be to keep it hidden. The surprise is well worth it though.

Barbara said...

Your "wall of winter" looks great -very seasonal and cozy!

Lelia said...

Your Winter decs are wonderful. Me, I am crossing my fingers for Spring -- I'm about tired of all the Winter Weather!

Maureen said...

I love the idea of changing your wall with every season - looks charming

Sharon said...

Your winter display is very pretty! Don't work too hard!