Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Stitching Weekend

Well, I came back from my trip near lunchtime today. We had such a great time. There was just three of us, we were supposed to have four, but one of our friends cancelled early last week. It was me and my friends Connie and Karen. Anyhow...Karen has a timeshare in San Destin, FL. We arrived mid-afternoon on Friday and went to our condo. It was the "penthouse" suite with 4 bedrooms/4baths, on the 10th floor with a glorious view of the ocean. The water was a gorgeous turquoise all weekend. And the sunsets were awesome. All purple and fuschia! After we got settled in our rooms On Friday evening we went to dinner at a seafood place in Destin. It wasn't great, but it was good. I had grilled shrimp and a baked potato. We then picked up some supplies at the grocery store and came back to the condo. We baked some turtle cookies (Yum!) and chilled out talking and stitching the rest of the evening. Connie and I stayed up until after midnight, but Karen crashed a couple hours earlier. On Saturday we had breakfast and lunch at the condo with some stitching done in-between that time. During lunch we watched "Just Like Heaven" with Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo. After this Karen had to watch the Ohio State/Michigan football game. Connie and I left and went shopping for a couple hours while Karen cheered on her team. Rather loudly, I might add. Hence the need to leave and get out for a while. So glad Ohio State won or I think the rest of our weekend would have been a little difficult. Anyhow...glad Karen enjoyed the game. Go Ohio State! Once the game was over we went to dinner at Outback. We really stuffed ourselves on a blooming onion and steak, but it was really good! Once back at the condo and in our PJs we commenced stitching again and watched "Sweet Home Alabama". Another great movie. We left and returned home this morning. No stitching done this a.m. We had a wonderful time and hope to do it again before too long. (NOTE: my back held up really well. I brought my heating pad just in case. One great thing...the condo has the really great, fat, round pillow that was perfect for my back! So glad I wasn't miserable this weekend with it!)

I didn't get as much stitching done as I would have liked, but, Oh, well. I worked some on the personalized name tree for my son by M Designs. I kept running into trouble with one of the letters and had to rip it out several times. It is hard to make sure that it stays completely mirror image. You cannot get off on either side one iota! I also stitched on "The Stockings Were Hung" by Shepherd's Bush. I got to my third stocking in the piece and realized I had been using the wrong shade of pink on the stockings. Oh, well. It looked great and I wasn't about to pull it all out. No one will know the difference at all!

On a movie note...really enjoyed "Stranger Than Fiction" with Will Farrell and Emma Thompson. Please forgive me if I have mentioned this before. I took my son to see "Happy Feet" this afternoon. Cute movie. The theater was packed and the children behind us were quite rowdy. They kept doing foot stomping when the penguin would dance. Quite annoying! Interesting movie note...Steve Irwin is one of the voice talents in this movie. It is a very small role, but still great to hear him. We miss ya Steve! For any "Harry Potter" fan...the new trailer looks awesome!!!!!!!! May possibly be the best one yet!

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Cindy said...

Sounds like your trip went great and you had a really nice time.

I want to see "Stranger Than Fiction". I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan and can not wait to see the new one!!!!!

Meari said...

Sounds like a fabulous trip! I have Sweet Home Alabama on DVD - Love that movie.