Friday, May 23, 2008


Well, still no stitching on my end. I dug out several of my WIPs the other day to see where I was at on the various projects.

Here's what I dug out:

  • Holiday Express - Stardust Designs
  • Eekology - The Trilogy
  • Flip Flop Days - Just Another Button Company
  • French Country I Rabbit - JBW Designs (stitching finished, just doing a beaded edge)
  • Faith - Inspirational Verses Thread Pak - Little House Needleworks (stitching finished, doing lace edge)
  • Trick or Treat - Cross Eyed Cricket
  • Flag - Shepherd's Bush

So, there is plenty to keep me busy. Just need to find the time and energy.

I put some of my stash on ebay. Take a look:

8 Sweetheart Tree patterns w/charms
Snowmen Fall From Heaven Unassembled pattern
Heartstrings Santa/Noah kit
Sue Hillis Noah's Ark 84 pg pattern book
2 Elizabeth's Designs patterns
6 Heartstrings Santa Patterns


Sharon said...

Looks like you are close on some! I hope you get a chance to work on them soon.

Dani said...

Good luck with finding the mojo to work on your WIP :) They are all looking good.

Marcy said...

I love the Stardust chart! I've got this to do one day myself.
Do you find it an easy chart to work with?