Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Stitches!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Here are a couple of Valentine's stitches.

Design: Heart
Designer: Hob Nobb Designs

This was stitched last year, but I just finished it as a cube this past week.

Here's a second piece I stitched this week.

Design: i Y u
Designer: me
Threads: GAST - Cameo Pink & WDW - Red Pear
Fabric: 28 ct cream linen

I haven't really decided how to finish this, but I'm sure I will
come up with some ideas eventually. :-)

We dont' really have any special Valentine's plans. We generally don't. I know that sounds boring, but...I guess that's just how it is. We will go out to dinner this weekend.

Since it's Valentine's here are some of my favorite romantic movies to watch:
  • PS I Love You...Hillary Swank/Gerard Butler...just came out recently, you might can still find it in some small theaters...excellent...can't say enough about this movie

  • You've Got Mail...Tom Hanks/Meg over the internet between enemies

  • Sleepless in Seattle...again Tom Hanks/Meg through the radio

  • The Lake House...Sandra Bullock/Keanu in letters between two strangers that are seperated by two years

  • Just Like Heaven...Reese Witherspoon/Mark Ruffalo...he's falling in love with the ghost haunting his apartment

  • Kate & Leopold...Meg Ryan/Hugh Jackman...he's traveled through time and fallen in love with her...will she follow him back

  • Somewhere in Time...Christopher Reeve/Jane Seymour...another time travel...classic

  • Sweet Home Alabama...Reese Witherspoon/Josh Lucas/Patrick Dempsey...who does she really love...the husband she left back in Alabama years ago or her fiance from New York

  • The Illusionist...Edward Norton/Jessica Biel...part mystery/part romance between European uppercrust and an illusionist...set in early 1900

  • Music and Lyrics...Drew Barrymore/Hugh Grant...he's an 80s popstar that needs helping writing a new song...especially great if you grew up in the 80s

  • 13 Going on 30...Jennifer Garner/Mark Ruffalo...she's 13 and all she wants to be is grown up and 30...but wait until she gets her wish

  • The Notebook...Ryan Gosling/Rachel McAdams...the story of two people from different backgrounds that fall in love in the 1930s

  • Hope Floats...Harry Connick, Jr./Sandra Bullock...a little sad, but a wonderful movie about finding hope for life & love after losing everything else

I'm sure I could think of more, but that gives you a good list. If you are a Jane Austen fan I will include Pride & Prejudice (Keira Knightley version) and Sense & Sensibility (Emma Thompson version). I love Alan Rickman as Col. Brandon in S&S and Matthew Macfadyen as Mr. Darcy in P&P. Plus the music in P&P is beautiful!!!

NOTE: Several of these movies have great soundtracks. A few that stand out right off hand...Hope Floats, You've Got Mail, & Sleepless in Seattle. Of course, for just great, beautiful music...the aforementioned Pride & Prejudice and Somewhere in Time.

So grab a great stitching project, a great movie and enjoy!


Jennifer said...

If you liked the PS I love You movie, read the book. Even better, although you can't really beat the Irish eye candy in the movie.

Also, add Love Actually to your list. I love that movie!

Sharon said...

Lovely Valentine stitching Jinger!

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

cute finishes, Jinger!

Doris said...

I love Alan Rickman as Col. Brandon too,,but i love Colin Firth like Mrs Darcy.

Lovely finish!

hugs from Madrid
(jane Auteb stitching group )

Carla said...

Beautiful Valentine finishes!!

Dawn B. said...

Love the Valentine stitchig and I like some of the same movies as you.