Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Life is crazy!

Life still seems to be a little crazy right now. I keep hoping I will get caught up at work, but, computer glitches, my printer messing up and problem clients really seem to be slowing it down. I was truly hoping to be completely caught up by the end of this week so that I could enjoy all the holidays, but, it isn't happening! UGH!!! I ended up leaving work early today because my head was hurting and I kept making stupid little calculation errors. That can really be a problem when you are a bookkeeper for an accounting business. Frustrating!

Still no stitching for me. None! I've been too tired in the evenings to even think about it. I am really hoping that the new year will bring back my stitching mojo.

I've done a little Christmas shopping and even have them wrapped. Christmas will be a little tighter than I would like, but, I can't complain.

Has anyone seen the new "Heirloom Nativity Sampler" by Victoria Sampler? While a part of me liked it, another part of me was hugely disappointed. It seemed too "froo-froo". It was also stitched on a pale blue and there was snow!!!! Last I knew it didn't snow in Bethlehem! Not to mention that the trees are North American trees. Where are the palms or olive trees? I guess I wanted something more primitive looking. Something more authentic. So...I don't guess I will be stitching that one.

Sorry to hear that Needle Necessities is going out of business. They had some great threads!

Movie reviews:

Fred Clause - really enjoyed it! Slightly different, but good!
Dan in Real Life - great, funny movie! Very "real life".
Bee Movie - disappointing
The Game Plan - cute. Liked it more than I thought I would.


Von said...

Sorry you've had so much craziness lately! Hope things level out for you soon. :)

I have seen the new VS Nativity Sampler and really like it, but then I like most of Thea's designs. Her style is more frou-frou as you say, but I've seen her sway more towards the "primitive" in recent designs, perhaps a more refined primitive. :) As for the snow, etc. I think that reflects her own N. European/Canadian heritage. Not every design will appeal to every stitcher, so it's nice that we have so many to choose from. :D

Lisa said...

Hope life slows down for you soon and you get your stitching mojo back {{hugs}}

Sharon said...

Hi Jinger, I hope life settles down for you soon and you can get back to your stitching. I am not crazy about that sampler either, but then I don't usually lean toward her designs either. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

Carolyn said...

awww sorry to hear life is so hectic for you right now. I hope things calm down for you soon. I am sending you some get stitching vibes. (((HUGS)))