Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just want to wish a very wonderful Thanksgiving to all my fellow US bloggers. I'm sure all of you are busy either traveling or preparing for Thanksgiving in some way. I've taken the turkey out of the freezer and done all of my grocery shopping and have everything pretty much planned out. My brother and mother arrive this evening to spend the holiday weekend with us.

Here is a recipe I found for turkey leftovers that I am going to try this Thanksgiving weekend. Thought I would share it with you guys in case you are looking for something different to make out of your leftover turkey.

Turkey Enchiladas

4 cups shredded turkey
4 cups shredded cheese
1 large can enchilada sauce
1 can cream of chicken (or mushroom) soup
1 pint sour cream
1 small onion, chopped and lightly sauted
1 dozen flour tortillas

Lightly grease a 13 x 9 pan. Take each flour tortilla and fill center of tortilla with turkey, small bit of onion, a little cheese and sour cream. Roll up tortilla and place seam side down in pan. In bowl mix together enchilada sauce and soup. Pour over tortillas and top with shredded cheese.

Bake uncovered for 30 minutes at 350.

Still haven't done any stitching since I have been off this week. Too busy cleaning. I hope to soon.

Movie review:

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium - a sweet little movie. Very touching. Bring the tissues! The piano music is beautiful!


Sharon said...

Hey Jinger! What do you have to clean? Your house is pretty darn clean-LOL. This recipe sounds yummy. I hope you and your family will have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Ranae said...

Sounds Yumo!
Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the recipe it sounds very yummy. I am glad you had a great Thanksgiving. Have a great week ahead.