Monday, September 17, 2007

New Shepherd's Bush

Has anyone seen this new Halloween piece by Shepherd's Bush? I really like it. I think it may eventually have to be added to my stash. Of course, I've got so much in my stash that needs stitching it's not funny!

Didn't get to do any stitching this weekend. I've just been too wiped out lately. I think I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel with the backlog of stuff at my new job, but it may still take at least another month or so to get it all caught up.

Maybe once all that is done I will be able to get some decent sleep and not feel so wiped out.

Happy stitching to everyone! Thanks for all the nice comments you have left. :-)


Anonymous said...

ohhh that is a cute design. I can't buy anything new until I am done with all my current projects....:( I hope your work calms down so you can get some rest. Hugs!

Sharon said...

Yes, Jinger I love this pattern-though I am not a huge SB fan. I have it on order. Hope you get some rest soon.

Lauren said...

That's cute! I always admire SB designs, but I just don't like her people. I've bought several of her non-people designs, though:) I guess it's just a little too country for me :)