Friday, July 20, 2007

Harry Potter Friday!

Well, today is the day that the final Harry Potter book comes out. Yes, I will be at the midnight book sale. My book is preordered and waiting at Barnes and Noble for us to pick up. I have been going back and rereading the other books leading up to the final book, but still haven't finished the 5th book yet. I will continue with my rereads before I start the final one probably later this weekend. I am really hoping that the end won't be spoiled for me and that I make it to the end of the books without finding out information before hand.

In recognition of Harry Potter Friday I finished this freebie called Hedwig's Four Patch. I changed some of the colors, but like it. I'm not sure how I will finish it yet.

Hedwig's Four Patch

Border colors: WDW - Purple Haze & Whiskey
Hat: CC - Black Coffee
Hat Band: WDW - Envy
Moon: WDW - Seafoam
Hedwig: Whisper White & Black (for spots in wing)
Hedwig feet: CC - Black Coffee
Hedwig eyes: WDW - Whiskey
HP letters: WDW - Whiskey
Words: WDW - Navy
NOTE: The pattern doesn't call for the spots in the wing. I added those by making 4 vertical half stitches at random. (The pattern calls for the owl to be brown, but Hedwig is white, so I changed it.)


Sharon said...

Pretty finish Jinger!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Your little finishes look great, I hope that the training improves for you, how frustrating.


Lauren said...

That's wonderful! What a great way to prepare for the books!

Tanya said...

your HEDWIG looks fantastic!!!