Friday, May 25, 2007

Finally some stitching & a finish!!!

Well, I finally managed to have a calm week and get in a little stitching. I picked up a WIP, JBW's French Country Apple, and...I actually finished it. I was about 3/4 of the way done, so it didn't take long.

Designer: JBW
Title: French Country Apple
Stitched on: 32 count white linen
Thread: In the Reds by Thread Gatherer Silk 'n Colors

The picture on the top doesn't show it that well, but it is very RED against the white back ground. So, I decided to experiment and dyed the fabric in coffee. The picture on the bottom doesn't show it well, but the colors of the fabric and threads really darkened to a lovely color. However, my colors ran. I guess that was stupid on my part, but I will keep it and frame it or make it into a cube to put out in the Fall.

My son gets out of school next Wed. (after Memorial Day). I think it is stupid to have a holiday on Monday and then go to school for a day and a half. (They get out early, 11:15, on Wed.) But, we will be glad when it is over. We leave the following day for vacation!!!! YAY!!! I am soooooo excited! Now, I just need to go through my WIPs and decided what all to pack in my stitch bag to take with me. Nothing big, so my train won't make the trip. I'm off to go look through my stuff.

Thanks again for all the kind comments and words of encouragement and comfort. They mean a lot. My best to all of you.

Also, a quick movie review for the last 4 months:

Shrek 3: Cute, but not as good as the first two
Spiderman 3: Great! (if you are a fan of the series)
Meet the Robinsons: Great little animated movie!
Georgia Rule: Well acted, but deep subject matter
Miss Potter: LOVE IT!!! (must like period pieces)
Firehouse Dog: Cute


Cheryl said...

Lovely finish, congrats!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your finish, it'a a cute piece :)

Lauren said...

It's a bummer that it ran, but it does still look lovely. I hope you have a great vacation!

Sharon said...

Cute finish! Congrats. I agree with you about Shrek 3, it was not as good as the first two. I could have waited till it came out on DVD-LOL

Have a great vacation!

Becca said...

hey aunt jinger!! what has been going on in your life?? I miss you, it stinks that i can't come and visit you guys!! well nice stitching!! love ya, Becca