Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Well, I guess the title says it all!! My husband is beyond thrilled at this point. He was born and raised in Gainesville and graduated from UF in 1987. He is a die-hard Gator fan and is thrilled with the fact that the Gators are now National Champs in both basketball and football for 2006. It is also thrilling that they won the title on the Gator's 100 year football history year and also the 10 year anniversary of the first time they won the football championship. YEAH!!!!


Hannah said...

It was a great game. Go Gators!

Cheryl said...

Hi! Thanks for leaving me a comment! Been enjoying reading all the blogs of the group members. Look forward to getting to know you all!

Lelia said...

LOL. Glad there are people who enjoy football. Living with my husband + 2 teen boys [daughter in college] it seems football is ALWAYS on : )

And, no, I couldn't tell you who they cheer for. Seems they watch every game that is on the screen.