Saturday, January 06, 2007

Frustrating 2007 so far!

Well, even though 2007 is only 6 days old it has been frustrating for me thus far. As some of you may know I started a new job in Nov. The store is not doing well and my hours were cut from 26 hours per week to 18 hours per week the first week of December. Not a good time of year for that!!! Well, today they got cut to 12 hours per week!!! To make matters worse our house payment has gone up $200 per month (starting this month) with the recent increase in insurance and property tax due to the hurricanes the past few years. I have been looking for a new job the last few weeks (even before the newest hours were cut) , but have not had any luck. I even talked with an employment agency. My one wants to work with my hours. I can work my son's school schedule and no one wants to do that. I'm not asking for big money, I don't need benefits, just work with my schedule. Anyhow...I'm just beyond frustrated right now.


Cindy said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you. I know how it is!! I posted a link in the Stitching Bloggers Club for you to check out on working from home, make sure and check into it, you may be able to find something great from there!

Sam said...

Sorry to hear about the troubles you're going through. I hope that your agency can find you some more hours soon.

Meari said...

Sorry to hear your new job isn't working out the way you thought. :( Hopefully, things will improve soon.