Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I Survived Christmas!

Well, I actually survived Christmas! This seems somewhat a miracle since I had been sick the past week, as had my son (my son is better, my cough is still wanting to linger a bit). To top things off my in-laws called late Thursday night (near 10:00 pm) to announce they had decided to come to our house for Christmas and would arrive Christmas Eve!!!!!!!!!!!! This had never been mentioned before and was a complete shock. There's nothing quite like not feeling well and suddenly having company, the in-laws no less, come for Christmas! Fortunately they only stayed a couple of days and left this morning.

I did manage to finish my son's name tree last week in time for Christmas. I didn't have time to get it framed or finished into an ornament (not sure which I am going to do yet), but at least it was done. I thought it turned out really pretty. I did decide not to put a star on the top. I stitched several different styles and they all seemed to distract from the tree itself.

Personalized Name Tree by M Designs

Fabric: Miracle Mint 28 ct. Jobelan

Thread used: Deep Sea by Sampler Threads

Beads: Aqua petite seed beads (42029) by Mill Hill

I put the finishing touches on this one today! Yeah!

The Stockings by Shepherd's Bush

Came in kit...used what was in it.

Note: There is an error on the pattern compared to the picture. In the pattern the tree trunk is shortened and there is a straight line stitched underneath this going the length (horizontally) across the pattern. I ended up stitching the piece according to the picture and not the pattern. The present button looked squished in there if I used the shortened trunk and the line.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and is enjoying the holidays.


Cindy said...

Just love the personalized name tree. I have thought about doing one for each of my kids. I love the word trees anyway. I also love the other desgin you done as well. IT is soo cute! I am so glad that you survived Chrsitmas and hope that you are doing much better now!!!

Name: Vicki said...

Your work is very pretty. I really like the name tree. Your Christmas tree was beautiful! Hope you are feeling better!

Sharon said...

Jinger, your finishes look great! Love the name tree. Glad things are better now!

Stitch Wizard said...

Your Shepherd's Bush is just really pretty!! It is neat that you were able to fix the pattern! Great job done! Debby