Sunday, July 30, 2006

Summer, sadness and movies!

I can't believe that almost 2 weeks has passed since my last post and I haven't accomplished anything really stitching wise. UGH! Oh, well. I have been enjoying the time with my son before school starts back soon. The heat has been horrid so we have been staying in. We've played computer games and x-box and also been to the movies a few times. Love "Cars"! We've seen that one several times this summer and I recommend it to everyone! I have mixed opinions on "Monsterhouse". Good premise, but disappointed in what made the house evil, etc. We were quite surprised by how much we liked "Ant Bully". It was pretty good. Of course, it is not on the same level as "Cars", but still quite decent. I must say that we were somewhat disappointed by the new "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie. It just seemed so much darker. But, it did have a good, suspenseful ending to lead up to the new one next summer.

On a more depressing note. At least for me. We have been cleaning out my son's room this weekend. Going through all the toys and donating most of the stuff to charity. You know, the stuff that hasn't been played for in years. Trying to get it cleaned up and more tween looking. There are still toys and stuffed animals, etc., in there, but it felt like we were packing up his childhood and moving to a new stage in life. I must admit, it left me feeling quite depressed and old.

Well, I hate to leave on a sad note, but I need to go help my son finish it all up. Hopefully my next post will have a much lighter tone and some updates on my stitching.

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Stitch Wizard said...

Hi J Rae:

Thank you for your nice comments on Marion the Librarian that I made for my mother in law!! I appreciate your kind words! In response to your comments on cleaning out all your son's childhood things, I can imagine that it seems strange that he is becoming a teen. You will enjoy him though and you are still very young! I really feel old because I am in my mid 50's but the best part of my life began when I found my wonderful husband at 45, so don't feel sad because the best is yet to come! Please come back and visit my blog!! Debby L.