Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Start of Summer Finish

Well, everyone, it is summer!  And here in Florida it means a lot of sun & fun.  But, it also means one other is HOT!!!  I have lived in Florida most of my life and cannot imagine not living near the water, seeing pine trees, having all the greenery, but, I just don't know if one can get used to the heat.  Where the humidity stays in the 80-100% range,  where you break a sweat walking to the store from the car, where you can forget about your hair looking decent.  But, I guess compared to having a horrible, bitterly cold and icy winters of the north...I'll take the hot summers.

Life here has been super busy.  My son graduated from high school last month and is all in preparation to start college.  He goes to orientation next week and starts classes in late August.  But, boy was May a whirlwind!

I did manage, since my last posting, to complete a piece.  Here it is....

Design:  Promise Me
Designer:  Lizzie Kate
Fabric:  a scrap piece of 28ct ivory linen

Color Changes:  
Called for                    My color choice                 Location
GAST Wood Trail        CC Portabella          Lines 1 & 3
WDW Cocoa      GAST Mountain Mist    Lines 2 & 4
WDW Whiskey         GAST Gold Leaf         all gold/yellow
GAST Antique Rose       WDW Red Pear           all pink
GAST Endive        WDW Scuppernong        all green
WDW Cocoa           GAST Nutmeg       owl & bird branch
GAST Wood Trail    GAST Toasted Barley    owl branch
WDW Blue Heron        GAST Blue Jay                bird
WDW Pecan          WDW Pelican Gray         basket

Other Changes:
  • Used my initials & small hearts in place of large heart - upper right corner
  • Did not stitch the called for blue stitches on the green clovers - lower right 
  • Stitched some small hearts to "fill in"  - lower right
  • Added date - lower right
This was a great, fun piece to stitch.  It might be a while before I get it framed, but, I love it!  It is one of my favorite quotes from Winnie the Pooh.

I started stitching on Raise the Roof's Nautical Fence during our "Graduation Trip".  I didn't get much accomplished, so I will not bore you with a shot of that.  We were much too busy and when I did sit down, I was much too tired to pick up a needle.

I am still stitching away on my train project.  I am hoping to have it done this year.  One stitch at a time, right?!!!

Here are my latest movie thoughts:
  • Iron Man 3 - The first time I saw this movie, I wasn't sure what to think.  It went in such a different direction than I thought it would, that I just really needed to sit back and process it for a while.  Upon second viewing, I must say that I really, really enjoyed it tremendously.  Let me just say...the trailers misled me completely.
  • Star Trek Into Darkness - I thoroughly enjoyed it.  A great sequel to the first movie.  

Well, off to do some stitching or enjoy the summer or catch a movie.  So, grab a glass of sweet tea, or a margarita or whatever tickles your fancy and enjoy your summer!!!

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Vicky L said...

Beautiful finish!