Monday, August 06, 2012

Where Did Summer Go?!!!

It's hard to believe that summer is ending and school is starting so soon.  Summer at my house has been busy, though I can't overly name anything exciting to report.  My son starts back to school next Monday and will be starting his senior year.  Where did the time go?!!!  He was just a baby a little bit ago. 

I have been enjoying the Olympics and been doing a good bit of stitching while doing so.  I had been debating back & forth about what project to make my "Olympic Project" and could never decide on anything.  The morning of the Opening Ceremonies I was agonizing over this.  Finally I decided to just focus on a couple WIPs for the Olympics and get them done.  I am almost finished with my first one.  Was hoping to get it finished last night, but, it just didn't happen.  Tonight for sure.  Then on to my next one with the goal of finishing it by Closing Ceremonies.  Let's see if it happens. 

As for the Olympics themselves...I have enjoyed the swimming (go Michael Phelps & Missy Franklin), diving, beach volleyball (go Misty & Kerri - keep it up!), tennis (Serena & Andy were amazing), & gymnastics (go Gabby, Danell & women's team).  Wanted to give a huge hug to John Orozco, all of the men of our gymnastic's team & that poor fencing girl from South Korea.  Very excited for the Great Britain men's team in gymnastics!!!  Wish they could have gotten silver, did not agree with the awarding of points to the Japanese guy on that pommel horse dismount.  But, the IOC didn't ask for my opinion and I am sure they aren't losing sleep over it (just like with the fencing decision for the SK girl).  Oh, well.  Enjoy what you can.

I have been meaning to post a pic of the RR piece I had finished up (my part) for Lynda.  Here is a pic.  It will be off to Clare soon.  Please excuse the big crease in the middle.  Did not feel like dragging the iron out.  I know...lazy!  :-)

Recent Movie Thoughts

  • The Avengers - Loved it!!!
  • The Amazing Spider Man - Loved it!!!  Loved Andrew Garfield, loved the tone of the movie, the villain, the love interest, etc.  No disrespect to the Tobey McGuire series, which I really liked, but, I love this one.
  • Brave - enjoyed it, but, probably not as much as other Pixar movies.  Enjoyed the short, La Luna, in front of it. 
  • Madagascar 3 - enjoyed it - better than the last one, for sure.
  • Mirror, Mirror - enjoyable, but, nothing to overly write home about.
  • Snow White & the Huntsman - interesting take on Snow White.  Charlize Theron was amazing.  Very dark and some unexpected quirky bits that I wasn't sure about.  There definitely seemed to be a twist on the love interest.  With all the stuff coming out about Kristen Stewart and the director you wonder if they will continue with the planned trilogy on this.
  • People Like Us - pretty good, interesting movie.  
  • Rock of Ages - enjoyable, especially if you love 80s music.  I thought Tom Cruise did a really good job.  Always enjoy Julianne Hough.
  • The Dark Knight Rises - my favorite of the trilogy!!!  Loved the ending.

Well, not much other news here.  Hope to have a couple of finished pieces to show you by the end of the Olympics.  :-)


lynda said...

Hi Jinger...I love the stitching you did on my robin! It looks great...thanks so much. This has been one crazy summer. I still feel like I'm just all over the place...oh well...

Bethany said...

It's October 24th, and it feels like summer today in Indiana!