Monday, March 26, 2012

It's already Spring!

I can't believe that winter has gone and that spring is here.  Where did the time go?!!

I have actually been a hair productive lately.  I finished my first box!  I think it turned out quite nicely for the first time.  I did this for a friend of mine who's mother passed away.  I made all the pins for the box top as well.

 Design:  Freebie pattern by Blackbird Designs
Fabric:  28 ct evenweave scrap in a very pale taupy pink
Thread:  Gentle Arts Sampler Thread - cannot find label for color name

 Inside of box 
Magnetic area on lid for pins
pocket inside bottom holds a stitch ruler

Scissor fob I made to go with it

I also have finished up my stitching for my new RR.  Will post pics of that next time.  

Recent Movie Thoughts:  
  • The Vow - really enjoyed it - had seen interview about 10 yrs ago with the "real" couple this movie is based on.  Very interesting and thought it stayed true to what I remembered of the interview.
  • The Woman in Black - Great little haunted house/ghost movie.  No gore, just scare!  Of course, it has been keeping me awake at night.
  • The Descendants - hmmmmmm...not sure what to say here.  The movie was interesting, but, in a dull/daily life type way.  George Clooney gave a very understated performance that definitely fit the role, but, I can't say I thought it was Oscar worthy, nor did I think the movie was.  I thought the girl that played his daughter (Shailene Woodley) deserved more the Oscar credit than the movie or GC, but, again...can't overly say that she deserved a nomination either.
  • The Hunger Games - Loved it!!!  These books swept me away fairly recently and it has become my second favorite series after Harry Potter.  I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and thought the did a great job with it.  If you have not read this series and you enjoyed HP, then go out and get these books and read them!!!
Oscar thoughts:

  •  Was glad that Octavia Spencer won for Supporting Acress
  •  While I like Meryl Streep and think she is a fine actress, I wanted Viola Davis to win Best Actress since I thought she was the true heart of The Help

Until next time.


mdgtjulie said...

Lovely box. (Of course, pink is one of my fave colors, so...) Grats on the wonderful finish!!

Deborah said...

Your box came out beautifully!

Sharon said...

Jinger, the box is very pretty and I love the pins! Great job! Hope all is well your way, this has been the house of illness over spring break-Alexis and I with sinus yuck!