Monday, August 16, 2010


Dear Friends,

I must has been utter chaos and I cannot tell you when I have really had a chance to sit down & stitch.  Hoping life will calm down soon.  I need a break.  :-)

Hope all of my stitching friends out there in blogland are doing well and enjoying the last bits of summer.

Hope to have a decent post with some stitchy news soon.


Cheryl said...

Good to hear from you! Hope all okay x

The Queen Bee said...

Hope fall weather brings the urge to stitch. I've finished the dreaded Holiday Express and should have a framed photo to post soon.


Carolyn NC said...

Sometimes life is just super busy - we'll be here whenever things calm down for you. :)

mbroider said...

Was randomly going through blogs... Hope all is in order for you...

Saw you work on this blog, it is awesome. Looking forward to see more posts:)

Take care

Janaina said...

Girl, I so hear you... =)
Thanks for passing by! Missed you too. *Ü*
Sending you love and a big hug from south Brazil.