Saturday, April 28, 2007

Another Week of No Stitching!

Can you believe it? Still no stitching! I have been so busy lately that once I do sit down I'm too tired to pick up the needle. Unfortunately, I don't see things slowing down anytime soon. I have company arriving on Friday and staying until Wed., then a wedding out of town that weekend, then company arriving the Wed. after that and staying until late Saturday. So, for the next 4 weeks I am booked!!!! Not to mention the end of the year stuff with my son's school and getting ready for vacation right after that. I already have a few projects stuck in my travel stitch bag to take with me, so at least I have something there. :-) Hopefully I will get a few stitches in somewhere before that.

My hubby is very sick right now with a tummy bug. He has been tossing his cookies since dawn this morning. I am hoping that it is a 12 hour bug and we will be feeling better soon. I am also hoping that we don't come down with it. I have quaranteened him to the back room of the house and keep going behind him with Lysol. I hope it works!! Poor baby!

I've been looking at Hoffman Distributing's website at the new stuff and nothing is really grabbing me. Of course, why am I even looking?!!! I have tons of stash already! :-)


Sharon said...

Jinger, you sound entirely too busy. Hope your hubby gets to feeling better fast. Thanks so much for the e-card. I appreciate it.

Barbara said...

I have times like this too - and I'm always so relieved when things settle down again. I really think stitching helps keep me sane!