Thursday, October 12, 2006

Small Finishes & Pet Peeves

I finished a couple of ornaments that have been half stitched in my stash for a while. They are ornaments for my son. I try to do him an ornament a year and have been behind on my mission. I finally am caught up to this year. I haven't "finished" my ornaments yet, but hope to within the next week and will post some pictures then.

One of my pet peeves is sending a gift to someone and not getting a thank you note. I don't expect mush & gush, but a simple "I received it. Thank you." would be nice. Is this unreasonable? How hard is it to take a few minutes to pen a thank you note and drop it in the mail? Maybe I'm showing my age with this. Maybe it's a personality quirk. Maybe I'm just old-fashioned. Who knows! My husband tells me that I shouldn't stitch anything for anyone except really close family and friends. After this I must wholeheartedly agree!

Well, enough venting! Hope to post "finished" ornament pictures soon. :-)


Cindy said...

I do not think you are asking to much at all! Even just a quick email to say thanks or something!

It is good that you are caught up on the ornaments for your son! Would love to see some pics!!!!

Heather said...

Well don't feel so bad. In June 2002 my niece was born and I was pregnant with my daughter. Just after my Daughter was born, I decided to stitch them both a 'first christmas' ornament. To this day, I am still waiting for some kind of acknowledgement from my BIL & SIL (now ex-BIL & SIL). I know they received it because it was hand delivered by MIL and I happened to see it on their tree the year after, but nothing was mentioned - apart from BIL having a go at me for giving my Daughter prawn toast and something curried and me telling him to mind his own business.

After my husband walked out, I made an effort when my Daughter went to her cousin's birthday party, to get a nice gift, which was a story book with a sterling silver necklace attached and I inscribed it for her. That's 2 years now and I am still waiting on a thank you for that.