Monday, October 23, 2006

A couple Finished Ornaments

We finally got a little nip in the air here in Florida and it made me start to feel anxious for Christmas. So...with that in mind I picked up the ornaments I finished stitching last week and decided to finish them. They are by no means professional, but I think they don't look too bad. These are the ornaments for my son for the last 2 years. I finally got them done!


By: Leisure Arts

Stitched on 28 ct. Opalescent Linen

I used Sampler Threads instead of the listed DMC.

Chrismyth Giant

By: Dragon Dreams (freebie)

Stitched on a scrap of hand-dyed 28 count linen I had on hand. Don't know exact color.

I changed the colors from what was listed. I also used Sampler Threads and Weeks Dye Works.

Here is a picture of the backs. Not too exciting, but at least they are all together and "finished" now.

Here are some recent movie thoughts:

"Nightmare Before Christmas" in 3-D. I did not see it the first time around, but my son wanted to go see it, so...I thought it was actually pretty good. I think Tim Burton is quite talented in his unique approach to animation. Let me clarify this and say...I do find a lot of his work very dark though. I am just speaking of this particular movie and his approach to this form of animation (also seen in "Corpse Bride").

"Flicka" I thought it was a pretty good movie. I know I read this book when I was very little (around 8), but cannot remember exact details about it. So, I cannot say how much it deviated from the book. Tim McGraw was better than I expected. That doesn't mean great, but not bad. The scenery of Wyoming and the horses was beautiful. I also must say I like Tim McGraw's song "My Little Girl" for the soundtrack.

"The Guardian" I really enjoyed. I am not a big Ashton Kutcher fan, but was surprised by how much I liked him in this. I don't think enough can be said about the bravery of the Coast Guard. There is no way I would want to go into the situations they do.

"Fly Boys" I enjoyed this very much. A great look at the first fighter pilots in early WWI. Hate to see that this movie did not do well at all in the box office. It is a great period movie without as much violence as a lot of war movies can have.

"Open Season" Cute.

"Invincible" One of the better sports movies I have seen. I went with my husband, but actually enjoyed it very much. It's kind of up there in the "Rudy" category for me in sports movies.

I must once again recommend "The Illusionist" for anyone that hasn't seen it. It was a gem of a movie. Loved Ed Norton!

Movies I am looking forward this holiday seasoon:

"The Prestige" - I haven't seen it yet, but love Hugh Jackman
"Santa Clause 3" - enjoyed the first 2. Love fun, good holiday movies.
"Flushed Away" - looks like a cute, animated movie
"Stranger Than Fiction" - Will Ferrell, Emma Thompson (love her!) - looks funny!
"Happy Feet" - another cute, animated movie about penguins
"Deck the Halls" - another fun holiday movie with Danny Devito and Matthew Broderick
"The Nativity Story" - a "real" movie version of the birth of Christ
"The Holiday" - romantic comedy with Kate Winslet (love her!), Jack Black and Cameron Diaz
"Charlotte's Web" - "real" movie version of the beloved children's book
"Night at the Museum" - a fun movie about a security guard at a museum where things come to life at night while he is on duty.

Well...enough of my thoughts for now. Hope to get more stitching done soon.


Anonymous said...

I love your finishes. Very nice!!

Katrina said...

Hi there! thanks for stopping by my blog. Great ornie finishing :)

Sharon said...

Hi Jinger, love the ornaments-they look great!

Meari said...

Congrats on your finishes. They're really cute!